Report Conclusion

Conclusion of the report on undergraduate practice

Conclusion of the report on undergraduate practice

The internship report is a document that describes the internship and its results. At the end of the report, the goals and objectives of the basic practice are described, conclusions are drawn, and recommendations are made. Here is how to write the report conclusion so teachers do not have questions.

Practice report conclusion

The practice report conclusion summarizes the overall report. It shows how much a student can evaluate her work, draw conclusions, and make recommendations. This is the conclusion of the report that teachers often look at.

Similarities and differences in the conclusions about the intermediate diploma, training and professional practice

 Common characteristics of three types of conclusions:

  • Information about the organization in which the internship was carried out;
  • List of goals and objectives;
  • Description of the work performed;
  • Conclusions based on the results of practice.

The educational practice (introductory)  is characterized by a simplified way of knowing the company. As a general rule, this practice is carried out in the 1st or 2nd year as an excursion in an organization. The small size of the report allows for a short conclusion.

Business practice requires active participation in the work of the company. The report should describe the details of the procedures performed and, in conclusion, briefly reflect on the data received and draw conclusions.

The practice of the Undergraduate degree is close to the practice of production, the results of which lead to the thesis. At the end of the report, the contribution of the practice to the writing of the practical part of the diploma is highlighted.

Structure of the conclusion of the internship report

  1. Dates of the internship and the name of the organization in which it was developed. 
  2. Functional responsibility of the apprentice. 
  3. Analysis of the results of the work. 
  4. Apprentice Achievement List. 
  5. Conclusions and recommendations on current practice.

Rules for the preparation of an expert opinion

The conclusion of the expert opinion on the study practice is written in the style of the general expert opinion. Standard technical requirements:

  • Times New Roman font;
  • Size 14 or 12;
  • One and a half line spacing in the main text, multi-line headings are printed with line spacing;
  • Centre up and down alignment, block right alignment to the right.
  • Top and bottom margins 1.5 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 1.5 cm.

Before writing a field report, study your department’s methodology. The fact is that many universities formulate their requirements for designing report documents.

Tips for preparing a report

  • Check the website of the internship company. Often in it, you can find documents with the information necessary for the report: statute, license, instructions. If this data was not found on the network, you could refer to the manual.
  • Before finishing your practice, start writing your report. If, while preparing, you discover that you are missing certain data or even an experiment, it will be much easier to fix without unnecessary trips to the company.
  • Study the guidelines and rules for preparing an opinion at your university. This avoids multiple edits in the text format.
  • Do not underestimate or exaggerate your achievements in practice. Teachers can easily review all of this information.

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