Personal Essay

Personal Reflection Essay – Just the Essentials

Going to write a personal essay? Consider you’re in great luck. Basically, personal essays are the easiest type of a written home assignment a student in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne can be assigned with. Just see for yourself: personal composition is a relatively short piece, it consists of just three key parts, topic is free most of time, you can chose whatever language word stock you think is best, and you don’t have to use quotes, if you don’t want to, meaning rumbles with a reference style are off the table.

All in all, your personal reflection essay is a product of your mind speculating on a certain event from your past. In other words, a tutor is interested in learning your personal experience and opinions regarding a subject you’re entitled to pick. Isn’t it a dream-essay altogether? It surely is.

How to write a personal essay up to the mark

As it was already mentioned, a personal essay structure is pretty plain. There’re three generic essay parts you must’ve already learned by heart: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Now, let’s revise them in the light of personal essay writing, shall we?

  • INTRODUCTION – Opening passage of your essay should make a reader familiar with your topic and the subject of the narrative. Here you have to make sure a reader gets interested in the subject matter of an essay and find himself or herself looking forward to reading a paper on to the main body. Picking attention is of paramount importance in terms of introduction.
  • MAIN BODY – Giving your readers an idea of what happened that made you choose the topic can be done in two ways: chronologically or based on the importance of facts. When dealing with the main body copy, be persistence to keep readers interested. Opt for bountiful stylistic devices, like simile or hyperbole, think of an unexpected plot twist, etc.
  • CONCLUSION – Wrapping up a story is never done just for the sake of thanking readers for reading your piece. A great conclusion always dwells on a lesson learned and experienced received from an event described in an essay.

Care for a solid hint? Personal essays are likely to succeed if you appeal to an emotional aspect of reader’s perception. Making an impact through vivid imaginary and savvy narration is absolutely key.

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