Literature Essay

Tips on How to Write a Literature Essay

It is avery tough task to write your literature essay. A lot of students saythat this type of essay is the most challenging one. And they are right. The whole deal about literature essay structure is very simple and common to other types of essay, but the paper and its purpose is original and difficult. You can find some literature essay examples online to learn its features.

So, we decided to help you with your essay writing and give you few tips about the whole literature essays writing process. This kind of formatting and is really flexible and can be used for every type of literature.

Types of literature essays

The first task for you is to avoid that simple kind of criticism. It is already published. So, you should not try to do that kind of typical critics of the novel, poem or scene you are dealing with. Also, you should take for default pattern the proper literature essay type. Your topic also will help you to do that.

  • Novel Essay
    For this kind of essay, you should look closer on style, plot, topic, and characters of the novel you are dealing with. Your essay ordering can depend on few main factors. And the main one is abias of the question. So, if you are dealing with the theme question, you are free to talk about in your introduction first to develop it later in the main paragraphs. The last paragraph should be your
  • Drama Essay
    Here you have to focus on technique and characters first. Also, mention the main theme of the novel. You should discuss the whole effect on the main points by the theme.
  • Poetry Essay
    Here you should write about the style first. Do not forget to mention the theme and technique too. You should discuss rhyme, rhythm, and assonance of the poem.

Typical literature essay structure

Introduction: actually, at this step you should be very brief. Your task is to tell your reader about the exact direction you will be following during the entire essay.

Paragraphing: You should have a plan. There should be a clear image for your paper in your head and on the paper. So, first of all, you should identify some main principles and points you want to discuss in your essay.

Evidence: after the points were set, you should have evidence for each one of them. Prove your points.

Selection: Avoid that simple kind of re-telling the entire story. It is a very common mistake. Your task is to choose main points from the plot and theme of the novel or poem. You should use just exact parts that are helping you to prove your points and thoughts, nothing more.

Conclusion: So, here you have some simple, but, very responsible task. You should gather all your points and evidence for them to answer the main point of your essay.

Style: The style of writing for literature essays is formal. Do not appeal to your reader as to a friend. You are some sort of serious lawyer that is protecting his client, your point of view in that case.

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