Informal Essay

Writing Informal Essays with no Restrictions

When it comes to academic writing, most students see it as a set or rigid rules that must be observed. That’s why when they are given freedom of thought and practically no restrictions in writing style, creating bonzer essay turns to be even harder.

Actually, everything isn’t that simple as it appears. Although informal paper has no definite format, there are still some things to consider:

  • Informal paper is a personal piece of writing. This is where author’s personality steps forward. The writer can be both a story-teller and the main character;
  • Conversational style is one of the standout features about informal writing. The language that we usually use in everyday speech is the main tool that makes informal essay emotional, and easy-to-read;
  • Informal paper gives every writer a chance to reveal his personality and express what is being on his mind. In fact, this is the main objective of the genre.

Informal essay structure suggestions

The fact that informal writing has no definite structure shouldn’t be taken literally. It would be more accurate to say that a writer is free to choose essay format that gives enough space to cover the topic. However, such common essay parts as introduction, body and conclusion still make up essay skeleton. Here are more tips on organizing informal paper content:

  • Make a strong beginning. Since you are free to write on any topic you may start your essay in the most unusual way possible;
  • After you have created attention-grabbing introduction take as many paragraphs as you need to cover the topic and express your thoughts;
  • Make a memorable conclusion. Avoid summarizing phrases that sound too formal;
  • Choose any essay length. There are no restrictions concerning word count. Still, most essays of the informal genre tend to be quite short.

Although informal writing doesn’t comply with most academic standards, you should take it seriously. After all, this task will show your writing skills and ability to communicate ideas through words.

Informal essay topics: Some ideas to consider

Most informal essay examples are based on writer’s personal experience or intimate emotions. Usually, tutors don’t assign some particular topics to write on. Instead, they are giving students an opportunity to cover the topic they feel most passionate about.

But the more options you have, the more complicated your choice is. To find the topic that will allow you to reveal your personality, think of your life experience, values, strong points and principles. Often such topics give room for thought and fresh ideas.

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