Definition Essay

How to Create an Outstanding Definition Essay

Definition writing explains what the term means. Some terms have concrete meaning, such as book, pen or glass. But, words like kindness, love, honor or honesty are abstract and depend on your personal point of view. When writing this type of essay, you should understand the term before you begin to define it for your readers. So, choosing an appropriate definition is a primary step in writing this assignment.

First of all, look through the dictionaries, but don’t copy their definitions. Hang out for explaining the term in your own words. It’s also important to narrow your term before you begin defining it. For instance, you could write forever about “love.” So, to limit it, you should determine about what aspect you’re going to talk: platonic love, romantic love, first love, etc.

Basically, there are tree simple steps to efficient definition:

  • Show what term is being defined;
  • Present clear and reliable data;
  • Use different examples, facts or even anecdotes that will be understandable for your audience.

To choose a winning topic, consult with your professor or discuss definition essay you’re going to create with your friends. Here are the examples of most bonzer essay topics:

  • Sense of humor;
  • Love;
  • Kindness;
  • Beauty;
  • Optimism;
  • Respect;
  • Team player;
  • Leadership;
  • Ambitions.

Definition of essay: basic structure, principal components, and thesis statement

  1. In the introduction paragraph, you have to state what chosen term is along with its dictionary or traditional definition. Due to this, by opening an essay with the dictionary definition of the word, you create a basic level of knowledge about it. It allows you to introduce your definition.
  2. In your thesis statement, define the term in your own Keep it brief and basic, because later you’ll elaborate on it more in the body paragraphs. Do your best to avoid part of the defined term in your own definition.
  3. Separate each method and tactic used to define the word into several paragraphs.
  4. In the conclusion, summarize your main points. This brief summary doesn’t need to be complex. To make it simple and clear, you can use topic sentences of each body paragraphs and generate a list of primary ideas.
  5. If desired, highlight how the definition has affected you. If the word you define plays a significant role in your life, you can conclude your paper with final remarks about your experience.

The thesis statement in the definition writing is the term and its definition. Essentially, it’s very simple and consists of the word and its fundamental meaning. There are several approaches to defining the selected word by:

  • analysis: compare it to something similar and show differences;
  • structure: how it is organized;
  • function: how it works;
  • opposite definition: explain what the term is not.

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