Exploratory Essay

How to Create Successful Exploratory Essays

This type of paper is very different from any other essays you’ve written. In fact, instead of producing a paper to convince readers of the validity of your thesis statement, like in an argumentative essay, you’ll be create it to find out information about the problem or to form some conclusions on how this situation or problem might be solved.

Besides, there is another significant aspect of the exploratory genre. Basically, papers like this are a retrospective of your thinking process as you work through the problem or do the research. This essay informs about how, when and why you accomplished certain kind of study.

The essential move of exploratory writing is to keep a problem alive through discussion of several solutions or points of view. In this situation, a thinker identifies an issue, considers a possible solution, examines its strength and weaknesses, and, after that goes on to consider another viewpoint or potential solution.

To sum up, an exploratory paper has following specific features:

  • It’s more about a problem, than about an idea;
  • Analyze several options of an issue, emphasizing strong and weak items, before you select any of them.

Typically, this type of assignment should follow this sort of structure:

1. Introduction

In the introduction paragraph, you should describe the problem you explored and show why it’s important. Moreover, you have to discuss briefly:

  • some possible causes of the considered issue;
  • people and institutions involved with the problem;
  • several possible solutions.

2. Body paragraphs

Creating body paragraphs, you should focus on the steps you made while researching the problem.  For instance, this part has to include following points:

  • Introduction of source (title, author, publication date, type of media, etc.) and why you used it in your study;
  • Significant data you found in the source concerning your problem;
  • Why this data is relevant and reliable;
  • Some individual introspection on how the source was useful for you or helped you think differently about the particular issue.
  • Compare different point of view;
  • Select what you think is the best solution or offer your own ideas

3. Conclusion

In the conclusion, you have to restate the problem, repeat some possible causes and highlight its solutions. Furthermore, if after research you still have some questions concerning the problem (and it’s normal to have some), you can mention them here. The main thing you have to remember about this paper is that you are supposed to explore and understand something new.

4 simple steps in choosing exploratory essay topics

  1. Create a brainstorming web of issues. Make a list of related ideas and use the line to connect them;
  2. Use this web of problems to make a list of controversial questions and statements;
  3. Compile a list of topics and choose one that interests you;
  4. Find reliable sources about that topic (visit library, look through the books, Google, etc.);

Exploratory writing requires that you explore an idea by using logical arguments to prove your standpoint. This type of essays really shines when the hot-button topic is used. The most bonzer of all topics are those that:

  • Have minimum two arguable sides;
  • Have a lot of research sources available for you to analyze;
  • Includes factual data that is not based only on personal opinion;
  • Are being talked about, and that people are interested in considering arguments about.

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