Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Example and Helpful Tips

There is no secret that narrative essay is a hard writing task for every student. You should be very focused while writing your narrative essay example. Your essay should be really interesting and catch the readers’ attention right from the start.

So, you should learn that this type of essays is for displaying your personal experience. You will find this point in every guide about how to write a narrative essay, actually. So, you should write from the first person due to that fact.

You should use these three points for your narrative essay:

  • The emotional impact on the reader should be really tangible
  • Your own emotions are really important to be included
  • Use lots of imagery and special details for your essay

Tips on how to write a narrative essay

The first thing you should do is to think about your topic. You can find a list of typical narrative essay topics online, for example. There can be just two ways for you to get a topic. You can get it from your teacher or be allowed to come up with your own idea.

So, you should think about your topic. It can be your experience of some specific event. Well, you can look for some useful example among online ones. It will help you to find your thesis that will serve you as the basis of your future essay.

You should make a mind map for your narrative essay. First of all, you should write down your main topic and your thesis. Then you should think about your ideas and facts that will support your thesis. Besides that, you should write down all your arguments. It will help you to deal with your outline. This point will help you to gather your thoughts into paragraphs and connect them together.

So, let’s talk about narrative essay structure. Your opening paragraph should be really strong, actually. Try to make your introduction catchy and interesting right from the start. Then you should state your main arguments and ideas. These points shouldbe placed in your body paragraphs. And then goes the conclusion part. Here you should also be brief as in the introduction. You should just try to summarize your thoughts. Just tell about your experienceto tell what you have learned of it. It is also allowed and recommended with different guides on how to start a narrative essay text to finish your essay with the rhetorical question. In this case, you will push your readers to think more.

Selection of narrative essay topics

You should talk about your own and specific experience. You can some events from your life or some general events. Just think about it as like you are writing a diary. Just write down your thoughts. It is good if the happening is really significant.

Key points to consider

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