Research Essay

How to Write a Research Essay in any Discipline

Writing a good research essay may be a bumpy road. Nevertheless, at least one research essay is the primary requirement of any class. By diving into research world of others, students learn to evaluate, analyze and synthesize the gained knowledge. Having no time for research is an issue, but our research veterans know how to solve it. So don’t hide your potential in a cupboard – grab a decent research essay example at our website.

Unlike the opinion of many fledgling students, research essay a lot more than just a summary of research conducted. Neither it is a personal opinion essay or a quick overview of a topic. The aim of a research essay is to inform readers about the topic interpretation of accredited researchers by engaging their works.

There are two types of research essay, each of them having a structure. More often than not, Australian students are required to write analytical and argumentative research essays. Mastering the structure pertaining to each type is the way to a worry-free research essay writing.

Argumentative and analytical research essay structure

Argumentative and analytical research essay structure entails:

  • introduction where the author introduces the topic and provides background information
  •  concise and clear thesis statement
  • main body which encompasses several paragraphs
  • conclusion

It is worth noting that one-sided and uncontroversial topics are a long way to write an effective research essay. According to today’s strict demands of Australian universities, only challenging topics can reap success. can help you with choosing the topic that will be your secret weapon. In fact, we hired experts who write only professional research essays. Speaking of the prices, they will be a pleasant surprise for you. You can check prices here

What is writing a research essay process?

Research essay writing is common for any discipline in Australian education. Whether you study Sciences or Humanities, it requires a thorough investigation. At this stage of writing, you may divide the topic into subtopics. Component parts make your research way more effective and focused. Take your time to create an outline to base your research essay on.  Our expert helpers believe that a winning research essay is not without a proper outline. So here are the basic tips to approach research essay writing.

  • Select an ideal topic
  • Analyse the topic, break it into components
  • Ensure a deep research, note down the information from the sources
  • Create an outline with three major essay parts
  • Write a research essay according to the outline with proper referencing
  • Write a list of references
  • Proofread and edit your research essay

Following this formula seems easy, but sadly not each research essay responds to the academic demands. According to the recent survey conducted by our Australian essay experts, here is the list of main research essay problem.

  1. Weak thesis statement. It means that your thesis statement is either not focused or to some extent doesn’t relate to the essay topic.
  2. Poor arguments that support thesis statement. This largely depends on the profoundness of your research. All things aside, your research needs to be compatible with the academic level of your paper. The higher degree you are obtaining, the stronger your research base has to be.
  3. The essay is too general. Sometimes owing to the lack of skills to critically evaluate the sources, students just write general information on the topic. This is a clear pitfall with research essays – they need to be focused and showcase your ability to critical thinking.

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