Competent justification of the thesis topic

Competent justification of the thesis topic

In the initial phase of the investigation, one of the main tasks is to specify the topic of the thesis. It is quite difficult to justify the relevance of the topic adequately, but we will show you. The article describes the process of justification of the thesis topic.

Why do you need a thesis statement?

Often, the justification of a topic is not given much importance because it is mistakenly believed to be just a formality. Justifying scientific work is the most important step in writing. 

A competent justification of the subject of scientific research considerably facilitates the subsequent process of the thesis. The careful and detailed preparation of this document will allow you to understand in advance the problem under study, determine the ways to solve it and predict the results that will be obtained.

You should not consider this step a formality. This is the fundamental basis of all scientific research. The dissertation is meaningless without the appropriate argumentation for the choice of the field of study.

How to Justify a Thesis Topic

For justification to be a good start and an assistant to later work, you must proceed responsibly when writing.

In the justification process, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the sources of information on the subject, determine the research that has already been carried out and determine the level of knowledge of the problem. You should review the abstracts, scientific articles and monographs available on the research topic. It is advisable to study not only domestic sources but also foreign ones.

At the same time, it is necessary to constructively criticize existing research and the developments proposed therein and justify the need to seek new, relevant and required solutions.

The primary focus should be on demonstrating the usefulness of the forecast results, their relevance to production and science.

You should ask your supervisor for help to justify this. Then the justification is discussed in a department meeting, and the thesis topic is approved by the Scientific Council.

Stages in the specification of the topic of the dissertation

The specification of the topic of the dissertation is carried out in several stages, each of which must be properly thought and designed.

Formulation of the topic

The correct formulation of the research topic is key to successful writing. The subject must correspond to the certificate of specialist of the Superior Commission of Accreditation; this is the main criterion for the correctness of your choice and formulation. It should be remembered that when writing a dissertation, the topic can be adjusted. In the initial stage of formulating a theme, the main task is to reflect on the novelty, the theme and the purpose of the work. When reading the topic, the reader should not have doubts about the content of the article.

Relevance of the topic

To justify where the relevance of the chosen topic should be demonstrated, the question “What is this thesis used for?” Must be answered. Attention should be paid not only to the practical value but also to the relevance of the scientific investigation of the problem.

Determination of the purpose and objective of the study

The purpose of the thesis answers the question of how the solution of the problem is achieved. The objective should correlate with the topic of the dissertation and emerge organically from relevance.

The thesis tasks are formulated in such a way that it is clear, once solved, the objective of the study will be achieved.

The supposed novelty of the study

It is necessary to review the degree of innovation of the research carried out and how it differs from the work already in progress.

Estimated relevance to practice

This section shows the relevance of problem-solving in practice and the possibility of using the results in production. It is advisable to clarify where exactly the resulting developments can be applied.

Justification is the most important step in a doctoral or master’s student’s work on a thesis. Without a convincing justification of the topic, the applicant cannot be allowed to write a dissertation. To adequately justify the topic and formulate predictable results, the applicant must have some experience in the research field, relevant publications attached to the justification document.

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