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How to plan a master’s thesis – rules

How to plan a master’s thesis – rules

The master’s thesis is the first step required when writing a thesis. In this article, we will tell you how to create such a plan properly; we will give you an example of a dissertation plan as a template for writing.

What does the master’s thesis consist of?

 The master’s thesis comprises introductory and main parts, as well as applications. 

 The insert consists of the following structural elements:

  • covers;
  • Title page;
  • tasks;
  • Essay;
  • content;

 List of terms, symbols, abbreviations, and terms.

In the introduction, it says:

  • Assessment of the current state of the problem based on the analysis of scientific information and patent research with the importance of practically solved problems, problems that exist in this thematic area, indicating the leading companies and scientists and researchers that they develop on this topic;
  • global trends in the resolution of the issues raised;
  • the relevance of the dissertation;
  • purpose of work and scope of results;
  • Relationship with other academic works.

At the end of the introduction, it is advisable to explain the structure of the thesis, that is, list its structural elements and explain the order in which they were placed.

Master thesis plan structure

The thesis should contain approximately the following information:

  • Information on the scope of work, figures, tables, sources;
  • Subject and object of research, the purpose of the dissertation;
  • Research methods (techniques) and equipment;
  • the results of the thesis and its novelty;
  • recommendations to use the results of the thesis;
  • the results of the examination of the possibilities of the practical application of the results obtained;
  • suggestions for possible directions for future research;
  • is a list of 5 … 15 keywords that are considered essential to reveal the essence of the thesis.

The list of conventions is organized according to the meaning of a new sheet and should include an explanation of all the less common conventions, symbols, terms, and abbreviations used in the document.

Structure of the main part of the master’s thesis

The main part has the following dissertation plan:

  • Justification and selection of theoretical and practical methods for the investigation of the tasks to be examined;
  • Development of research routes, description of the devices used;
  • Development of methods of technical concepts and procedures that are taken into account at work;
  • Establish modelling tasks, substantiate assumptions, and investigate basic models;
  • Development of algorithms and modelling methods;
  • Formulation of the results of theoretical and practical developments;
  • Analysis of scientific results.

A mandatory section of the main body is “Occupational Health and Safety and Safety in Emergencies”.

Particularities of planning the main part of a master’s thesis

In the sections of the main part of the thesis, the technology and research methodology are considered, and a generalized result is given. All the materials that are not absolutely necessary for the solution of a scientific problem are included in the appendices. In these sections, the thesis candidate must present the material in a brief, meaningful and logical way, complying with the requirements of the scientific articles presented for publication. 

 It is difficult to give general recommendations for the preparation of parts of the dissertation. This is not only due to the variety of topics but also to the different nature and importance of these research parts for dissertation manuscripts of different peaks. Each section of the dissertation ends with brief conclusions up to one page in length. At the end of the conclusions, it is recommended to write: “The main scientific results of the section will be published in the work”.

Characteristics of the master’s thesis stations

For each student, the department selects a leader who supports the student in her work on the master’s thesis. The supervisor advises, helps with the creation of a master’s work plan, an individual exercise also monitors compliance with the schedule, evaluates parts of the work, and prepares the student for defense.

The subject of the master’s thesis is one of the urgent problems that do justice to the tasks and skills provided by the variable portion of the educational and qualification characteristics of the master’s degree in the respective specialization.

The student has the right to independently choose the subject of the master’s thesis according to the subject approved by the profiling department. Every student in the doctoral program notes the wording of the research topic in a request addressed to the department head, which is the basis for the appointment of a supervisor.

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