English Essay

How to write an essay in English correctly

How to write an essay in English correctly

What is an English essay?

Essays, including those in English, are creative work in their own right. An author is a free form, but a clear structure expresses his opinion on a particular topic. The author must justify his point of view with known facts or source examples.

The length of the essay is 180 to 250 words, depending on whom you are writing it for (articles count too).

An essay differs from an essay in its freest form, as well as in the author’s personal opinion, which may differ from the generally accepted one.

An essay in English is written in a more formal language. The use of linguistic means that would underline the author’s personal attitude to the problem is not allowed. However, the clichés of language that structure the text are welcome. For the exam, essays are written in English. Moreover, in language universities, in foreign language courses, when entering foreign universities, when applying for a position related to the use of a foreign language, when taking international tests of English skills TOEFL and IELTS.

Types of essays in English

There are three types of essays in English. Depending on the topic and the situation in which you are writing an essay (exam, job), you need to choose a certain type.

For and against in essay

With this accessory variant, the “sandwich” principle is used. The issue is viewed from different angles, with arguments “for” and “against.”

General description of the test:

  • Introduction. Here you need to rephrase the issue in your own words, without expressing your opinion.
  • Arguments “in favour” of the expressed thought or idea. The opinion expressed must be defended with a list of arguments and examples.
  • Arguments against the statement. Here the opposite point of view must be taken. The paragraph is preceded by a mark indicating that the contrary opinion will continue to be presented, for example, “However …”. In addition, the rejection of the expressed position is expressed, supported by reasons and arguments.
  • Conclusion. Finally, we present our own opinion based on the above “for” and “against” arguments.

Opinion Essays

The opinion essay reflects the author’s point of view. The difficulty is that it is necessary to look at the subject from different angles, express various points of view and take a position on the subject.

General description of the test:

  • Introduction. In this part, you will familiarize the reader with the topic and take a consistent position on this topic.
  • Main part. The main part has several paragraphs, each of which reflects a different point of view with compelling arguments and examples to support his point of view. One of the paragraphs may contain the opposite opinion.
  • Conclusion. You restate your opinion, but differently than the first part, and you trust the arguments of the main part.

Suggested solutions for problem trials

This type of trial implies the presence of a specific problem for which it is necessary to offer a solution. This type of essay is offered when you apply for a position that requires the active use of a foreign language.

General description of the test:

  • Introduction. In the introductory part, it is necessary to formulate the problem and the reasons for its occurrence, as well as outline the possible consequences.
  • Main part. Suggest solutions to the problem and the possible consequences of each solution.
  • Conclusion. Summarize the reasoning for the main part.

General requirements for an essay in English

Maintain a formal style. Do not use abbreviated word forms. For example, do not do or do not do instead of doing and do not do. It is recommended not to use square brackets or exclamation points in the text. Sentences cannot start with and, but because, or also.

Demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary, use more synonyms that match the meaning. For example, instead of good, you can use benign, sound, innocent, benign, or good quality.

An English essay does not need to be written only in Presents Simple.

At the same time, this is not a literary work, which, by the rules of English, was written only in the days of the Past group. Use different tenses in a meaningful way.

Common Error hen writing essays in English

Error 1. Using jargon and jargon language.

Error 2. Straying from the topic (probably in the hope that they will at least get recognized for writing something).

Error 3. Use phrases that are too categorical.

Error 4. The use of words and phrases whose meaning the author is not sure.

Error 5. Insufficient reasoning or, conversely, too many arguments (23 arguments are enough).

Error 6. Too many cliché phrases overload the text.

Error 7. Do not neglect the design. No matter how ready you are for an essay, no one is safe from typos and minor mistakes.


An essay in English is a short creative piece (up to 500 words) in which the author presents and demonstrates his point of view on the problem.

An essay in English is written according to the standard outline of introduction, main part (thesis, 23 arguments), conclusion. this work is more formal.

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