Report Diary

Student Practice Report Diary

Student Practice Report Diary

A journal is kept to report on practice in the course of school, business, and undergraduate practice. It is a mandatory requirement for inclusion in protection. In the article, we talked about how to write and what to write in the diary.

Purpose and objectives of the internship

The internship report diary is a document that evaluates the practical activities of the students during the internship. Therefore, to understand how and what to write in a journal, it is necessary to understand what the goal of the practice is and what tasks are being solved. 

 Regardless of the subject, the university and the respective department in which the student works, the objective is always the same: The student must apply the knowledge acquired in training, prove its practical application and master the technical tasks by outlining future work.

From here, follow the tasks of the practice:

  • Study of the normative documents related to the main areas of activity of the organization in which the practice takes place.
  • Know the functions and contents of the activities of the organization, the particularities of the work of its departments.
  • Study the details of the organization’s office work.
  • Perform the work stipulated by the assignment.

Practice report diary structure

A standard practice report journal consists of several sections (may differ from a specific university):

Title page

Section 1 General information. It contains information about the student and the location of the internship.

Section 2 internship dates. A small section that indicates the date of arrival at the place of the internship and the date of departure.

Section 3 Assignment. In this section, students describe the planned content of the job together with the head of the department.

Section 4 Information on the internship. This is the section where the student gives a daily summary of the work done.

Section 5 Conclusion of practice. The section will be completed based on the results of the internship. The student gives a summary of the work done.

Section 6 Executive Review. To be completed by the internship director.

Diary requirements

The internship report journal is a document, so a series of formal requirements are established. The nature of the practice depends on the entries you make in the journal:

  • In an educational practice journal, it is common to write sentences that begin with the words “learned”, “found”, “learned”.
  • In the operational practice journal, there are phrases with the words “task completed”, “participated”, “result received”.
  • In the journal on basic practice, “investigated in practice”, “a pattern discovered”, “the hypothesis tested”.

The Diary is completed according to the form approved by a particular university. Sometimes it contains additional tasks of the head.

Information requirements are highlighted in the first section (and partly on the cover):

  • Type of internship (educational, industrial, intermediate diploma);
  • Name of the educational institution, faculty, department and speciality;
  • The name of the organization in which the student practices;
  • Course number and study group number;
  • Name of the student, head of practice of the educational institution, head of practice of the organization.

How to complete the Diary

The important section is where the student records information about the internship in the form of a tabular report.

Mandatory information:

  • Date of visit to the company;
  • requests received from the apprentice;
  • work progress;
  • a note on the completion of the work.

The experience acquired must be confirmed, so it is recommended to add additional materials to the internship diary (examples of contracts studied, if possible schemes or schedules, etc.).

Diary Tips

It is recommended that you write in your diary every day. This will help to achieve consistency of the work, and it will be much easier to review the records and verify the names and numbers of the materials examined and attached to the journal.

It is worth showing the diary to the supervisor of the company from time to time so that he or she can provide feedback on the contents of the diary and suggest adjustments, if necessary.

Regardless of the area of ​​activity of the companies in which the different trainees are carried out, their agendas contain some general points: know the company and the employees, study safety precautions, study the workplace and processes, suggestions to optimize the management of the company operations.


An internship report is a mandatory requirement for admission to defend an internship report. It is important to remember that in practice, there are two leaders: from the company and the university. You will need the signatures of both: the director of the company signs the information and the evaluation of the internship, and the director of the school puts the final signature under all the work.

It is not difficult to make a correctly filled and executed diary: you must strictly adhere to the university’s recommendations and enter information daily, and not after the practice ends.

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